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If you need a high quality door latch for your car, truck, hot rod, custom, lowrider, rat rod or restoration project? Look no further... these are NOT your typical poor quality made in China aftermarket junk.
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Large Latch Micro Latches Small Latch
Large Latches
Our Price: $42.00
Micro Latches
Our Price: $28.00
Small Latches
Our Price: $42.00
These are a US made, high quality bear-claw style latch that beats the crap out of any other aftermarket offshore produced latch. The manufacturer is an OEM supplier and ISO-9000 quality facility. These are the best quality parts used by builders, customizers, hobbyists and even OEM manufacturers.

Application of our large latches goes beyond keeping your doors from flying open. Some builders have even used them for off-road vehicle tire carriers. If you can dream it, our latches will meet the need.
These small latches do not meet passenger door latch requirements, but they are a perfect latch for a hood or trunk application! For a hood, you should always have a secondary catch  
as back-up to keep your hood from flying up and blocking your view. This is a safety item, and not because we feel the latch will not hold.

Our micro latches have been used for door latches on off-road toys (like the UTVs) and even for parachute release tubes on landspeed race cars.  The applications are endless.
These are a US made, high quality small size latch, not some questionable quality imported latch. One left and one right, with new matching striker bolts. Latch size is 3.88 inches tall x 1.25 wide x 0.81 thick, which is the small size bear claw style latch used for passenger door latch applications.